Our Mission Statement

Our rescue may be small, but we have a big mission. George County animals are terribly underserved and uncared for as a whole. Many animals are abandoned or neglected with no safe place to go for help. Many kind people are forced to care for those helpless creatures that are dumped on their doorstep. But their space, money, and time are limited. Lucky’s Little Rescue was inspired by one of these animals that was abused and left to fend for herself. Lucky reminds us every day why our mission is so important. As a rescue, we aim to provide love and care to as many of those forgotten furry companions as we can. Though we may be limited at first, we hope to build a reliable and trustworthy network of fosters to better serve the community. It is our dream, and our mission, to make sure that animals in our county no longer have to suffer mistreatment and cruel indifference. And that all animals will one day know what it means to be a part of a family.

Our Location

Beginning in October of 2023, we were given the opportunity to run the local city shelter. As a previously foster reliant rescue with not nearly enough fosters, this is a chance for us to help more animals in our area! We are still not enough, not for the whole county and all of its dumped and abandoned animals. But we do our best to make the most of the space we have.

The shelter is located at 234 Beaver Dam Rd in Lucedale, MS. 

We are located right before the train tracks on the right if you're coming from town. If you're coming from HWY 98, we are right after the train tracks on the left. There is a metal gate and a long drive way! The building is not visible from the road.

Lucky's story is our story.

When she arrived...

Lucky was abandoned on our road and stumbled upon our house. She had a belly full of worms and was extremely malnourished. She was so afraid that she flinched when we tried to touch her and showed signs of past abuse.

Two months later...

She was a happy, healthy, normal puppy who had finally learned to trust. That is when we realized that there were so many more just like her in our community who needed help just the same as she did. That's why we founded Lucky's Little Rescue.

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