Our Big Announcement

Soon, we will be taking over operation of the Lucedale city animal shelter. We look forward to having more resources to help us continue supporting the community. We want to focus on TNR and offering spay/neuter vouchers especially once we get started.

Because the building needs a lot of work, and a lot of things have to be bought or fixed before we can open, we still need a few weeks before we can bring in or help any community animals. But we are working with the city, who has been more than helpful, to get everything ready as soon as possible. Once it's ready, we'll have a reopening ceremony that we hope lots of people from our community will attend!

In the meantime, we do have a wishlist of things that are most needed if anyone would like to help us get started!

-Dog food (Purina preferred)

-Cat food (Purina preferred. Any food without red dye is fine, as some kitties have a hard time digesting red dye)

-Pet beds




Or you can donate to our PayPal:

We have some major expenses expected, so any help with these will make it easier for us to get those expensive things we need. (i.e cat kennels, a desktop, office chairs, lots of water hoses, window AC units, etc.)

The most important thing is that we plan to be as transparent as possible! We want to be a big help to the community and its animals, but we also need community support 🙂 feel free to ask us anything if you have any questions! I truly believe this will be a good partnership.

And don't worry! The facility is provided by the city, as are the funds, so yes, city animals take priority in the shelter. This may change one day if the county chooses to offer their support to the shelter. But we will continue to help county animals as much as we can. And the more fosters and adopters we have, the more county animals we can save.

We look forward to this new adventure together! For now, its time for me to suit up and get to work!