Adoptable Cats

These are all of our adoptable cats, and kittens. If you see a cutie that you're interested in, please contact us to set up a time to meet them!

*Please note that all of our rescues have a small adoption fee to help cover medical expenses. Adoption fees are determined based on the medical expenses incurred for a pet's treatment and the temperament of the pet.*


Puff is a beautiful, silly looking tomcat. He was rescued from a very sick, very inbred colony in rural Mississippi. Due to the inbreeding, Puff suffers from a weakened immune system, which makes it easier for him to get sick. The only consequence of this is a few more vet trips than the average house cat. This doesn't hinder him much as he's still a playful, cuddly cat. His genetic struggles also gave him a rather endearing look: all of his little front teeth are missing, so his tongue pokes out constantly! Puff loves all other animals (cats, dogs, ferrets, you name it!), and he loves kids, too! He's very gentle and patient with young children as well, handling their grabbiness very well. Puff still has so much love to give and so much life to live despite his history. Please consider giving this special boy a chance to live his best life with a loving family! Puff is about two years old. 

Neutered, vaccinated, triple test negative. Adoption fee 80$


Todd was surrendered to our shelter when his mom was unfortunately forced to leave her home due to it being sold by the owner. She loved him very much, and wants to see him go to a happy home.

Todd is a little bit shy at first, but even though he likes to hide, he also loves it when you come to say hello and give him love anyways. He's got no tail at all, so he is likely some type of bobtail. He gets along really well with other cats, and he has taken one of the little kittens under his wing. You can sometimes see them laying together, and he'll groom the kitten. Given a little bit of time to warm up, I think he would make a great cat for any family!

He has been fixed and vaccination. Adoption fee is 80$.



Tux was found by a Good Samaritan in an apartment complex. Her mother came and went, so the finder often took care of her and her brother.

Tye is a lot like her brother, Tux. She is shy at first and slow to come around. We are still waiting for them to come out of their shells and show off their personalities. She gets along really well with the other kittens in the cat room and can often be found cuddled up with one of them. She has some beautiful light brown tabby markings on her, as well as the standard grey tabby colors. I'm sure it won't take her long to get used to her new surroundings and become the average friendly, playful kitten!

She has had one round of shots. She is available for foster-to-adopt only at this time.


Salem is a sweet girl who was found left behind after her mother picked up her siblings and moved away. She must have been unfortunately left behind.

She is the sweetest little thing with a great temperament. Salem really loves to get attention from her people, play with toys, and rough-house with the other kittens. She also really loves having an older cat to mentor and protect her as well. She is all black, but has the prettiest specks of white all over her. The picture doesn't quite do it justice! Salem is an overall perfectly normal kitten, who would be great with any kind of family willing to love on her and play with her.

She will receive her first round of shots soon. She is available for foster-to-adopt only at this time.