Adoptable Cats

These are all of our adoptable cats, and kittens. If you see a cutie that you're interested in, please contact us to set up a time to meet them!

*Please note that all of our rescues have a small adoption fee to help cover medical expenses. Adoption fees are determined based on the medical expenses incurred for a pet's treatment and the temperament of the pet.*


Puff is a beautiful, silly looking tomcat. He was rescued from a very sick, very inbred colony in rural Mississippi. Due to the inbreeding, Puff suffers from a weakened immune system, which makes it easier for him to get sick. The only consequence of this is a few more vet trips than the average house cat. This doesn't hinder him much as he's still a playful, cuddly cat. His genetic struggles also gave him a rather endearing look: all of his little front teeth are missing, so his tongue pokes out constantly! Puff loves all other animals (cats, dogs, ferrets, you name it!), and he loves kids, too! He's very gentle and patient with young children as well, handling their grabbiness very well. Puff still has so much love to give and so much life to live despite his history. Please consider giving this special boy a chance to live his best life with a loving family!

Puff is about two years old. 

Neutered, vaccinated, triple test negative. 

Adoption fee 80$


Pearly is around 2 years old. She was rescued from a life as a stray out at Singing River Electric here in the city. She and her four babies were brought into our care, and she quickly adapted to life as an inside cat. While not outright friendly at first, it does not take her long to warm up to new people. Pearl is a more independent cat, who will likely not demand attention all the time. She would be a great mouser, as she's hunted for several litters of kittens during her lifetime. She's an excellent mom that tends to her babies well, and she gets along with other cats. Untested with dogs. Would likely need a slow introduction.

Pearl is fixed, vaccinated, and triple test.

Adoption fee is 80$



Mini is one of mama Pearl's four kittens. She is the last one looking for her forever home. She looks just like her mom as well, with the cute black spot around her nose. Unlike her siblings, Mini has always been a little bit delightfully dumb. It takes her longer to figure things out, and her attention is easily swayed from one thing to the next. Despite only have one operating braincell, she has learned to use the litter box quickly from her mom. She eats hard food, and plays with her siblings all day. She's a very adorable, sweet, happy girl.

Mini is not quite ready to go to her new home yet, but she will be fixed on Thursday, May 9th. At that time, she will be ready to go! She will also have two rounds of shots.

Adoption fee is 100$