Adoptable Dogs

These are all of our adoptable dogs, and puppies. If you see a cutie that you're interested in, please contact us to set up a time to meet them!

*Please note that all of our rescues have a small adoption fee to help cover medical expenses. Adoption fees are determined based on the medical expenses incurred for a pet's treatment and the temperament of the pet.*


Rocko is a sweet bulldog/curr mix. Unfortunately, Rocko was a free puppy on the side of the road that ended up with the wrong family that wasn't ready for him. He spend most of his puppy years chained up outside by himself with little interaction. For this reason, he is always desperate for love and attention from his people.

He's a little under a year old. Rocko is very sweet, and he loves other dogs! He also seems to get along with kids very well. Because he still has some puppy in him, he would love to have a family with a kid that can match and help him get out all of his energy! He is very gentle with kids and dogs smaller than him, always following their lead.  Rocko would really love a family that will let him live inside and be a part of the family at all times.

Rocko is vaccinated and neutered. Adoption fee is 80$


Hansel is a sweet, curious little hound/terrier mix, who is almost 8 months old. He's roughly 25 lbs because he's gotten a bit chunky during his time with us, but he is not likely to grow anymore. Hansel and his sister were rescued from a culvert at 3 months old. They had been abandoned and living in the ditch for over a week before we could successfully capture them. Because of this experience, they are both very shy around people. Hansel is great with other dogs and hasn't met one yet that he hasn't enjoyed playing with. He's very gentle with other puppies and would best with another dog that isn't domineering because he is a more submissive dog. Hansel is shy at first like his sister, but he comes around much quicker with a little love and some treats. He loves his bed and blankets, as well any any chew bones he is given. Anyone willing to give him the time to adjust and trust will find that he is well worth the wait!

Hansel is fully vaccinated and fixed. Adoption fee is 80$

Hansel must be adopted with Gretel, since they are extremely bonded.


Gretel is a beautiful little hound/terrier mix. She's about 20-25 lbs currently and will not likely grow any more. She is around 8 months old. Gretel and her brother were rescued from a culvert at 3 months old. They had been abandoned and living in the ditch for over a week before we could successfully capture them. Because of this experience, they are both very shy around people. Gretel loves other dogs, cats, and any animal that will play with her. She does amazing with puppies as well, having some of that puppy energy still herself. She is coming around and just needs someone with a little patience who isn't afraid of taking time to earn her trust. Treats and stuffy-squeaky toys are her absolute favorites, although she will slowly but surely destroy any stuffy she's given. It's her favorite pastime.

Gretel is fully vaccinated and fixed. Her adoption fee is 80$

Gretel must be adopted with Hansel, since they are extremely bonded.


Poe is a sweet boy who was adopted once and unfortunately not by the right family. He was not treated appropriately in his new home, and was called "stupid" and hated by the family member of his former owner. We took Poe back once we realized he was being treated this way.

Poe is almost two years old. He is around 40 lbs. We aren't sure of what he could be mixed with, but we know he has the most beautiful brown eyes. Poe is a little iffy around other dogs, and would need to be the only dog in a home, or with smaller dogs. He's protective of his food at times. However, Poe absolutely ADORES children, no matter the age. He loves toddlers and is very good at being gentle with them. He's good on a leash and is loyal to his owner. He stays close to his house and doesn't run off even if he is off leash. Poe would love to have a fenced in yard or be an inside dog. His last family kept him outside 24/7 and he would grow bored and lonely. Because of this, he did dig holes in the yard, but he was not destructive.

Poe is already neutered and vaccinated. And he's hoping that he can find a forever home this time because he is depressed being back in the shelter.


Butch is one of three siblings that were found dumped in the city. A witness said they saw the white truck pull up, push all three puppies up, and drive away. 

Butch is a sweet boy, who really loves to get affection from his people. He plays well with other dogs, and acts very submissive during play. He does have a slight tendency to be protective of his food, but otherwise seems to be fine with other animals. He has not been tested with cats, but he has done really well with young kids. He's on the smaller side, likely capping out at around 30lbs, and we believe he is mixed with red heeler. Butch is also one of our most well behaved puppies, that always sits and waits for his food politely. He enjoys being scratched on the head and told he's a good boy when he acts like a little gentleman. He would be great with any family, but would especially love a family with kids.

He is fixed and vaccinated. Adoption fee is 80$.


Jaime is a sweet unknown mixed breed who is about 4-5 months old now. We suspect he will be a larger dog once he is full grown. Jaime and his brother were both dumped out in the county, malnourished and afraid. Both puppies had all four of their canines filed down, so we suspect they may have been intended as bait dogs. Thankfully, there were no injuries or scars that we could see, so we hope they simply escaped that terrible fate.

Jaime is a lover through and through. When he is away from his brother, he is a very mild-mannered and calm puppy. He only gets excited at first when he's taken outside or being visited, then he calms down very quickly. He is actually a little nervous about things like going outside and being in new environments. But it doesn't take long for him to relax and come around. Jaime seems to get along well with other dogs, but he does have some issues with unneutered males larger than him. Otherwise, he's wonderful with people and other dogs. He also loves kids. He is untested with cats.

Jaime has had two rounds of puppy shots, and he is neutered. Adoption fee 80$


Dorothy is a sweet, sweet girl that was part of an unwanted litter. She came to us when she was only a puppy, and it took a few months for her to find a home. Unfortunately, her new adopted family did the unthinkable and left her behind when they moved, tied to a tree. After seven months of being with a family, she has come back to us, hopefully to find her real true forever family.

Dorothy is extremely dog friendly and people friendly. She does like to jump up, so we're trying to work on that. She is light heart-worm positive, but our vet believes with prevention consistently, she should be fine. We are happy to provide a years worth of prevention for her. This sweet girl with a gnarly underbite just needs a second chance at finding happiness!

Dorothy is fixed and vaccinated. Adoption fee is 60$ due to heart-worm status.



Billy is one of four puppies Freckles birthed while at the shelter. He is a very outgoing and playful puppy that loves attention! He would definitely love to have another puppy to play with, or a family with youngsters that could keep up with his high energy!

Billy is a 9 week old chihuahua mix and will stay small.

Billy is not currently available for adoption. He will be ready to go after August 1 when he receives his third puppy shots, rabies, and neuter.

His adoption fee is 100$


Timmy is one of four puppies Freckles had while in our care. He is a bit more timid than his siblings, and we're not sure why. He comes out of his shell quickly though, and would love to have another confident  dog to teach him everything he needs to know!

Timmy is a 9 week old chihuahua mix and will stay a small dog.

Timmy is not currently available for adoption. He will be ready to go after August 1 when he receives his third puppy shots, rabies, and neuter.

His adoption fee is 100$

Our Special Babies


Shelly had an unfortunate life before she came to us. She was brought in by a good Samaritan who found her on the side of the road. She was emaciated, covered in fleas and ticks, and severely injured. It appeared as if she had been hit by a car days before she was found, and was likely dumped out by her former owner rather than treated for her wounds. Shelly suffered from a broken pelvis, as well as infected open sores inside of her leg.

Despite all of this, she is still a sweet, happy girl. Her recovery has been nothing short of remarkable, as she fights to live a good, long life every day. She does walk with a limp still, but she gets around just fine on her own now. Shelly really loves other dogs that are her size or smaller, and bigger dogs make her nervous. She is only about 25 lbs and will likely top out at 30lbs when she has more healthy weight on her. Shelly is also an older girl, sitting at 5-6 years old. Because of this, she has a low energy level, and mostly just wants to lay around with her person or chew on her bone. She isn't great in a kennel, but she does fine being left in our bathroom here at the shelter with some puppy pads. She has learned how to use the pads very quickly, and will stick to them well. We are working on leash training, and she will need someone with patience to train her to potty outside. I'm not sure she's ever been an inside dog. But she would be amazing in a quiet house where she can get a whole lot of loving because that's all she wants!

Shelly is fixed, vaccinated, and HW negative. Adoption fee is 80$.


Faith did not have an easy first 4-5 years of her life. We believe she may have had a home before with kids, because she absolutely adores kids, but something went wrong along the way. She was found severely injured on the side of the road one night after midnight. A Good Samaritan picked her up from a ditch, and we met her at the vet the very next morning. We realized quickly that Faith was paralyzed, and on top of it, showed signs of being a former bait dog. She was covered in scars, her top canines had been ripped out, and she's nervous around other big dogs at first.

However, Faith has not let anything from her past stop her, not even paralysis. She continues to be the sweetest, most loving dog that I have ever met, despite how cruel humans were to her in the past. She fought against all the odds to regain mobility in her back legs. And although it's not perfect, she no longer needs a wheelchair to get around on her own. Her journey has been a long and painful one. We did not realize when we brought her in that she was pregnant. She had to have an emergency c-section, and unfortunately the trauma from her past resulted in her losing all the babies. After that setback, she became more determined than ever to keep fighting and keep getting better. And now she walks! We never could have imagined it!

Faith is potty trained, but since her c-section, it has thrown her off a little. I have no doubt she'll get back on track. She's kennel trained, and will not potty in her kennel. She's a lover, a couch-potato, and a survivor. And now she needs a home where she can finally stop fighting and retire for the rest of her years. She is a very thick, muscular bully breed. We will be particular about Faith's new home. Meet and greets are requires, as well as vet references. She is currently HW positive, but the shelter is treating her.

Faith is fixed and vaccinated. Adoption fee 100$.